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I can't decide

whether you should live or die.

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relationshipsThe Witch will praise the wise, and should bestow four treasures.

One shall be, all the gold from the Golden Land.
One shall be, the resurrection of the souls of all the dead.
One shall be, even the resurrection of the lost love.
One shall be, to put the Witch to sleep for all time.

Sleep peacefully, my most beloved witch, Beatrice.
to the golden land
ahahawav, being lambdadelta's bitch, hurting people you love, it's pistol time, murder mayhem it's all good, not a goddamn tsundere, one truth two truth, picking on midgets, ronove stop creeping on battler, sorry was that your dad, sorry was that your family, sorry was that your fiance, sorry was that your mom, whoops replacement detective