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What a heartwarming family reunion.
Umineko canon is confusing as hell and slip-ups are always probable, that I will not deny! So, how's my witch? Cut me down with the truth of what I need to be doing right!

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He'll come if we french kiss each other.
Over a thousand... looks like a young woman.
Of decent stature? Not short, not too tall, etc.

-Usual appearance?
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title; the extreme points of being a fan
a grand rebirth
TYL. Dating. Prompt: Argument.

I write fluff, angst, and pretty much everything for these two. But I don't think I've ever written a real fight.

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Wow blue spikes suck.
[ The butterflies didn't take her far in a city that didn't believe in magic. She only got far away enough. An evening dress meant for a night out was dirtied slightly as she hit the ground by knee, standing up slowly. She wasn't seen, but it would be suffocation to try any more magic.

Despite that, she put her hands to her face, over the long slash that Bernkastel had given her. ]

Come, try to remember... I didn't have this cut.
Come, try to remember... there wasn't any blood.
Come, try to remember... try to...

[ The magic wouldn't come to her. It didn't hurt as much as it worried her. She needed to find him. To warn him what had happened that night, but she couldn't do it with a bloodied face.

She had to weigh her options. Her phone was broken, so she couldn't call him. She pressed a cloth to her face to try to stop the flow, and slammed into a phone booth and mashed the numbers in. Pick up, pick up, please pick up... ]

There are no bugs on me.
They did not follow.
They are not listening.

[ She exhaled with a sigh of relief, and waiting as the phone rang. ]

island; tyl; drabble; i saw the sweetest flower wild nature yields
A past rebirth.

i started writing this last night and i finished it when i woke up??? wow

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[idk] [islandbox]
Logfic? Fic-log? Whatever it is, it follows the events of this.

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au; islandbox; red drops on white snow
A gentle golden dream.
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and don't you misunderstand
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[ a log ] in one golden land and out another
and plenty of blood
[ She'd returned to her golden land for a breather; getting used to a world of anti-fantasy was stressful to someone who had been plucked out of her world as a witch. She was adapting, but she was also steadily losing her prowess to the anti-magic toxin that hung in the air. She was sure soon enough, all she would be able to do would be in privacy.

... However, the moment she stepped into the Golden Land, she realized this one wasn't hers.

Of course, it might have been capable of happening. She was now a voyager across many kakera, perhaps it was the Golden Land of another her, or another Battler, or whomever...? But it felt strange to be in her own domain without being the master of it.

And she didn't feel it was either of those options at all-- but she felt her presence was welcome, at the very least. Otherwise, she wouldn't have entry. ]

Beatrice is allowed in this domain... [ She repeated that to herself quietly. Maybe she wasn't the right Beatrice and was here through a loophole, she didn't really know.

She just walked her way through the maze of flowers to the familiar gazebo, to see if the master of the realm was home. ]

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Pick two: Smart¸ pretty¸ or sane.
no one is going to reply to this probably but TELL ME TO WRITE (ISLAND or RELATED) THINGS

I play Beato/Tear/Renge/Chii/Ling/Zack/Vash/Scout go go go.


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